DE: Wie der österreichische Nachrichtensender ORF auf seinem Teletext berichtet, personaliert Google nun Cookies. Wenn man gewisse Informationen nicht mit seinem Google-Konto verknüpft haben möchte, sollte man demnach die eigenen Einstellungen im Account anpassen. Wie? Hinweise findet man über den folgenden Link im Abschnitt “Transparency and Choice”:
EN: Regarding to the Austrian broadcasting station ORF Google now personalizes former anonymous Cookies using your Google account. If you don’t want to share certain information please update your account settings. How? See links under “Transparency and choice”

Auszug aus Googles Persönliche Daten und Privatsphäre / Privacy Policy


Transparency and choice

People have different privacy concerns. Our goal is to be clear about what information we collect, so that you can make meaningful choices about how it is used. For example, you can:

* Review and update your Google activity controls to decide what types of data, such as videos you’ve watched on YouTube or past searches, you would like saved with your account when you use Google services. You can also visit these controls to manage whether certain activity is stored in a cookie or similar technology on your device when you use our services while signed-out of your account.
* Review and control certain types of information tied to your Google Account by using Google Dashboard.
* View and edit your preferences about the Google ads shown to you on Google and across the web, such as which categories might interest you, using Ads Settings. You can also visit that page to opt out of certain Google advertising services.
* Adjust how the Profile associated with your Google Account appears to others.
* Control who you share information with through your Google Account.
* Take information associated with your Google Account out of many of our services.
* Choose whether your Profile name and Profile photo appear in shared endorsements that appear in ads.